A history of papermaking in Maidstone.

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Les: Thay are not my Daughtrs .My Daughters are Patrishia like to e called Thishh and Rosemaria .Rosemaria the one Roger had drinks with Could me Roger's Daughters I will ask her as she live with me. Dec 2, 2020 4:32:20 GMT
Les: I have put your request on Facebook under Maidstone pressant day matters. Dec 2, 2020 7:01:28 GMT
aluminate56: Hello dave44--Are you the Dave Archer that used to live in Loose Rd....in one of those houses high up on the bank...that you had to walk up steps to...opposite South Borough School? Dec 4, 2020 19:54:03 GMT
dave44: Hi aluminate56, I lived in Hastings Road which isn't far from Loose Road but I did have a school friend by the name of Richard Burt who lived in one of those houses! Dec 5, 2020 19:47:17 GMT
aluminate56: Yes dave: I remember Richard Burt---At the time in Hastings Rd...There was a teacher named Mrs.May & another school friend named Richard Harris--I lived in Mote Rd...although the row of cottages are long gone & are replaced by a block of flats. Dec 20, 2020 14:08:49 GMT
dave44: Thanks for that aluminate56, I don't recall the names but I do remember the cottages in Mote Road. My old mum lived in one of the alms houses opposite the block of flats until she passed away. Have the best Christmas you can this year and stay safe. Dec 23, 2020 18:01:30 GMT
Les: My Late wife and I lived up Melville road for a year or so we also used the Cricketers near the armshouse. you have the best Christmas you can. Dec 24, 2020 15:43:41 GMT
dave44: Thanks Les, Perhaps the names of Vicky Ring and Linda Watts together with Geoff Andrews who all lived in Kingsley Road about the same time, might stir a few memories! Had a few pints in The Cricketers when I used to visit my Mum :) Dec 31, 2020 19:54:37 GMT
aluminate56: Happy new year everybody---It's surprising how time clouds the memory dave I'd forgotten that Hastings Rd stops at Waterloo St & becomes St Phillips Ave---Mrs May & RAYMOND Harris lived there also Mick Larter. Jan 17, 2021 16:27:23 GMT
aluminate56: In addition dave I now remember visiting Richard Burt's house & then yours for either swapping or selling something we all 3 collected??I believe your house was a few doors from the footpath to Foster Clark estate with Waterloo St opposite. Jan 17, 2021 16:38:10 GMT
dave44: aluminate56, good to hear from you again. Your memory is good and yes I did live a few doors down from the footpath. Raymond Harris and Mick Larter I remember well. Is there a way of sending a longer post on this system? Take care at this uncertain time! Jan 23, 2021 13:00:53 GMT
aluminate56: Hi Dave--This is Ned Bray--Do you remember me? Feb 4, 2021 23:09:04 GMT
msmith13: Is this Ned Bray (ex Southborough School) who used to create homemade "Brylcream" to sell to schoolmates? Feb 5, 2021 18:10:07 GMT
paulparsons: Hello any one here who lived at Howard House Childrens home 51 Lower Fant Rd Barming it not there any more just wondered if any one remembers the place had good child hood there with Mr -mrs Banks then Mr - Mrs LONG get in touch my parsons198763@gmail Feb 22, 2021 20:52:51 GMT
paulparsons: Also can contact me on Facebook Paul Parsons would like to contact staff and people I grew up with my brother too Steve Parsons want to thanks for bringing us up and giving us good holidays miss you all god bless Paul Parsons Feb 22, 2021 20:57:36 GMT
Les: p Mar 3, 2021 10:46:55 GMT
Les: Paul Parsons I've copied you post to facebook In more memories of Maidstone note in shoutbox post disapear after a new post is put in. Mar 26, 2021 1:59:02 GMT
Roger Edwards: Am looking for a connection to Clive Sayer whose name appears elsewhere on this site as a member of Sweet Illusion. Last seen circa 61-2 May 27, 2021 17:54:32 GMT
Les: www.facebook.com/clive.sayer.3 Jun 4, 2021 8:59:13 GMT
aluminate56: Hi Dave--Sorry for the delay in replying--Yes-This is the phantom Brylcreem seller & Andrews Liver Salts (Lemonade) which gave buyers "a good run for their money"A homemade explosive placed on the radiator in the hall(gym)got me a caning from the head. Jun 23, 2021 22:23:24 GMT
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